Time to unleash the zombie apocalypse

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (or at least I was waiting for).  The game’s done!  Happy zombie hunting.

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  1. snow Says:

    Stuck :(

    “Zoom using the mouse wheel” … there doesn’t seem to be a keyboard equivalent, or is there?

  2. Zulgaines Says:

    Now I’ll be going to work tomorrow with about 4 hours of sleep.

    Thanks. You glorious bastard. This game is really good.

  3. Zulgaines Says:

    Only real suggestion is the ability to choose soldier number on random maps. Kinda want to play an easy map, but with only like 3 units.

  4. Vlad Says:

    Only played it for a few minutes (just finished the last tutorial mission) so far, but a few suggestions that spring to mind:

    Keyboard shortcuts, especially for scrolling around the map. They’d also be handy for upgrading soldiers and building stuff, as well.

    Perhaps make the flying bullets a little more visible? Right now they’re barely visible, so it’s kind of hard to guess what’s shooting at what when you’ve got some turrets/soldiers clustered together. Not only that, but it took me a while to figure out that those things that I thought were small alien hives were actually turrets that were shooting at my soldiers, since I couldn’t see the bullets that they were shooting at my guys.

    I don’t know if there’s a reason for this one, but it seems that every so often my marines tend to make suicide runs towards the zombies. I noticed it the most on the “upgrading weapons” tutorial, where both of my guys would seemingly randomly run right into the crowd of zombies without me issuing a move order, resulting in my frantically moving them both out of the swarm. I can’t replicate this regularly, but I have noticed it a couple times.

    I do like what I’ve seen in the game so far, though. Can’t wait until later tonight when I can dig into the missions proper.

  5. bobo Says:

    Hey, i’m getting the following error:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library:

    Expression m_sprite

    For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts

    (Press retry to debug application – JIT must be enabled)

    Stop Retry Ignore

    what should i do?

  6. bobo Says:

    sorry, :) forgot the first line:
    Assertion failed!

  7. Stoo Says:

    This is pretty awesome. I’ll be grabbing this at home and having a proper play later. Thanks for this! :)

  8. Drlemon Says:

    Dang… You said it was going to be for mac and windows… AT THE SAME TIME… THAT TIME IS NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Noobos Says:

    I really like this game, controls are bit clumsy, but ok. I really enjoy the difficulty (challanging, but not undefeatable), options (not too many, but enaugh) and I specially like the way your games are different from others.

    Good job, really :)

    (I’ve notice that the gameplay is sorta mix of Swarm and Circuit braker)

  10. J. Raza Says:

    Hey man congrats on finishing the game! Hope its another indie success!

  11. Alex Vostrov Says:

    bobo, are you sure that the game unpacked properly? That error would happen if one of the game images isn’t loaded properly.

  12. Alex Vostrov Says:

    Re: keyboard controls

    I’ll see if I can make a version with keyboard shortcuts today.

  13. drugon Says:

    Great hard game! In your style. ^_^ I have one suggestion though. In the build menu pop-up help often partly get out of the screen. I think, that if pop-up help don’t place in the screen, it should move to the visible part, so the player could see it all.

  14. bobo Says:

    @Alex Vostrov: thanks for your reply. yea it unpacked properly. i tried unpacking again, this time to the partition where windows is installed.. didnt work…

  15. pwn monkey Says:

    No worries its only one more week =)

    Great job on the game Alex, I only got into a few of the tutorials but its looking great and is already alot of fun.

  16. drugon Says:

    to bobo:
    Try to download game again. Maybe this will help.

  17. Vlad Says:

    To expand on Drugon’s idea, a way to turn off tool tips completely would be nice. I’ve had some more time to sink into the game, and at this point, the tool tips just get in the way.

    Now, to expand on my earlier comments:

    -After playing on a different computer, it looks like the issue with “invisible shots” is on my end. I’ve got to make sure my brightness/contrast/gamma settings are correctly calibrated.

    -The flamethrower marines definitely seem to be a bit suicidal. I never notice this with the riflemen or snipers, but I can tell a flamethrower to move to a certain spot and they’ll constanly dive from that spot into the middle of a horde of zombies, taking a ton of damage.

    – Any chance for some sort of target prioritization? The biggest obstacle when assaulting a hive so far seems to be the hive’s defensive towers (the yellow ones that shoot at you). It’d be nice to be able to command the troops to focus their fire on a particular target if we want, so I’m not sitting there wondering why my snipers are insisting on firing at the lone zombie 50 feet away instead of the towers that are shredding their buddies.

    Still loving the game, though. So far there really does seem to be a nice balance of challenge and progression in the levels. In a lot of strategy games, as soon as you start to defeat the enemy a little bit, the additional resources you get allow you to defeat the enemy that much faster, which allows you to get even more resources, and it all snowballs from there. AotPZ seems, so far, to really avoid that, by making the building points so scarce, and constantly strengthening the zombies. I’ve only managed to beat the first two levels (can’t quite topple Centrifuge yet), but both of them had me fighting for every inch of space.

  18. Alex Vostrov Says:

    Thanks for the comments Vlad. I’m glad that you’re having fun.

    – Flamethrowers: when they’re attacked at range, they will try to run to the attacker and set them on fire. Is this is what’s happening for you?

    – Manual targeting: this is something that I wanted to implement, but didn’t get the time to. It’s possible that I can code this into an update.

  19. Alex Vostrov Says:

    @bobo: I’ll try to put in some diagnostic code into the next version. Hopefully that will pinpoint the problem.

  20. Zulgaines Says:

    The couple levels where there’s a unit you don’t control? That unit should be green or something. I kept trying to click it :P

  21. Alex Vostrov Says:

    @Zulgaines: I’m not sure what you mean; which level are you referring to? Some of the levels have turrets that are stationary.

  22. Jake Says:

    “Takeover Special Attack” is a test in frustration and so much more horrible than any other zombie special.

    I wouldn’t mind an option to remove this. Please?

  23. bobo Says:

    thanks alex, ill be waiting for it :)

  24. Alex Vostrov Says:

    Jake, what do you find frustrating about it? Do you also think that the spawner special attack is frustrating?

  25. Jake Says:

    Well, the whole thing with the spawn points and the map layouts means there’s so much focus on area control, you slowly find ways to build lines and move forward.

    Then LOLRANDOMALIENHIVE just pushes you back or messes the whole flow of the game up. It’s like, for example, playing chess and someone throws an enemy queen somewhere on the board. It doesn’t feel right with the rest of the game.

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  27. pwn monkey Says:

    Why is the chemical barrage a set of bullets?
    Otherwise the game is great Alex =)
    Im about halfway through and its a lot of fun.

  28. jlo Says:

    congratulations on the launch. I’m glad that I was able to be one of the lucky early testers :)

  29. Jake Says:

    “Why is the chemical barrage a set of bullets?”

    It could be a skull and crossbones.(toxic)

  30. Alex Vostrov Says:

    I was running out of time, so the bullet icon seemed to be the best fit. Good idea about the skull and bones though.

    bobo, you should email me so that we can try to solve your problem. It’s too hard to do it in the comments.

  31. Alex Vostrov Says:

    Jake, the next version will have skull and bones =).

    I understand why you find the takeover frustrating. I had doubts about it when I originally made it. I don’t want to provide options to turn off game features, but I DO want to make it less frustrating. What do you think of the two following options:

    1. Instead of taking over one of your point a NEW hive is generated somewhere in your territory
    2. Same as above, except they have to sneak an attacker through your lines.

  32. Jake Says:

    I just came out of a really irritating lose becuase I had to keep checking on those spawns so I over reacted a little by saying let me remove it.

    As it is, the reason this Z-Upgrade is such a infuriating beast is that it steals away one of your spawns and makes trying to hold any kind of ground insanity since you have no secure or even simi-safe areas in your game anymore.

    I would suggest a change that makes it a little more unique, in line power wise as other upgrades, and not so annoying.

    Instead of a hive that’s going to spawn with the fury of all the other upgrades stacked onto it, have it spawn a smaller hive-like alien structure somewhere near but not directly on spawn points. Then have that structure spawn a special unit type that is unable to capture points but focuses instead on attacking player made buildings/soldiers.

    The result would be deep striking ability for the zombies, a boost in reinforcements, and pressure from an unexpected area without losing 20 minutes of ground control becuase you wern’t watching the opposite side of the map.

  33. Stoo Says:

    Still really enjoying this, but any tips for defeating the tougher missions (which is any mission other than the first? :) I create a sniper to try and deal with the turrets but they respawn too quickly and so the sniper gets taken down whilst attacking the others. The only strategy I can win with is using a siege cannon to take out the hive and then run in with some flamers and hope to take it before it respawns. I repeat this around the map, but often without much luck as it obviously isn’t a good strategy :)

  34. Vlad Says:

    Stoo: Here’s some general tips that tend to work for me…

    – Don’t go upgrade-crazy on your marines. At 4 bp a piece, upgrades cost as much as a turret. Personally, I find the turret’s area-denial capabilities to be vastly more useful than either the flamethrower or sniper rifle, and have started using entirely riflemen until I’ve got enough spare BP to use on weapon upgrades.

    – You have to look at each level to figure out how to approach it best. Level 4 has two areas where there are multiple hives clustered extremely close together. I first used my usual defense-focused strategy of small turrets to control my starting area, and grenade/riflemen assaults on the hives. However, when you’ve got four hives right next to each other, marines just don’t have the firepower by themselves to keep four hives worth of zombies at bay. Instead, I put down a siege cannon where it could hit all four hives, and a regular turret next to it for close-range support. Those two turrets kept the flow of zombies from that area to a minimum while I went and took care of the more isolated hive to the north of the starting area. Using the BP from that, I was able to come back in to the clustered area (which was now down to two hives because of the turrets) and clean it out.

    – Now that I think of it, I haven’t found much use for the flamethrowers. They do wipe out lots of zombies, but from what I’ve seen, the defensive towers pose a much larger threat, and snipers, riflemen, turrets, and siege cannons do a much better job at taking those out.

    On a separate note, I just played my first game where the Takeover upgrade came into play, and I have to agree that it seems a little overpowered. You do get plenty of warning that it’s coming, and once you know where it’s going, you do have a little time to get there, but even then, the hive that appears seems to be more powerful than even the regular hives. Regular hives take a little while to get going once they respawn, but the Takeover hive immediately starts popping up defenses and spawns a ton of zombies. I like Jake’s idea of making the hive weaker than the standard one. Having it be able to take over one of your points AND be stronger than usual is just a bit much.

    Of course, I might just be saying that because I just finished a game where it really screwed me over. I was playing the fifth mission, and was down to the last two hives. Since it worked so well on the last mission, I took my two siege cannons and my five marines and teleported near the final two hives, hoping that my siege cannons would wipe everything out. Of course, as soon as I teleport everybody down there I get the takeover countdown. I ended up cut off while I attacked the last two hives while the new hive (which appeared at my first spawn point, where I had recycled all my existing turrets) rampaged unchecked and cost me a bunch of my previously gotten territory.


  35. Stoo Says:

    Cool, thanks for the tips. I’ll be trying that in conjunction with the 1.1 version (and precision aiming) tonight :)

  36. Tzsak Says:

    To copy over what I said on indiegames.com:

    Takeover special on random advanced makes it way too hard, especially considering how many other upgrades they have. I got them down to a single spawn point, but even with a decent teleportation network and turrets everywhere a single hive spawn in the wrong place made it impossible to fight back, even with second wind, especially considering BP had run out. It worked fine on level 5, if only because I won so quickly, but on random advanced it’s just ridiculous.

    I can’t imagine you want teleportation to work like this at the moment: you can currently leapfrog teleport two teleportation buildings so that you can move turrets and siege guns indefinately. This made Citadel amusingly easy~

  37. Alex Vostrov Says:

    Thanks for the comments Tzsak.

    The teleporter trick is something I was aware of, but didn’t have time to fix. I might have time to address it along with the takover revamp.

  38. Tzsak Says:

    Tehe, thanks for the game, it’s awesome~

  39. Eph Says:

    Broken link… T_T

  40. Mickey Says:

    The link is broken!!
    Repare it please!!

  41. mouse Says:

    Brilliant game. Genius. Can’t wait for the sequel.

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  46. i like this game Says:

    man their needs to be a way to manually target stuff other than that this game is amazing

  47. i like this game Says:

    woot finally beat the central mission :D took me forever but i did it!!

  48. i like this game Says:

    omg the mission after i can get all the corners but the middle is hard to take

  49. Alex Vostrov Says:

    Do you have version 1.1? If you do, you can manually target things by right-clicking.

  50. Karies Says:

    I have followed you since you released swarm (a game I have in my favorites indie games) and I notice a little inspiration from Darwinia. I say that because when I played darwinia I loved its gameplay too. Of course you did a good effort on all your work and also you implemented some new concepts. Congratulations

  51. Alex Vostrov Says:

    Thanks Karies!

    I can’t say that Darwinia was concious inspiration, but maybe some part of my brain liked it. =)

  52. i like this game Says:

    woot i beat the central mission :D now i’m getting fuked up by the next one :D

  53. Blanc Says:

    This game is awesome, ive spent a few too many hours playing it :P
    I showed my friends and they all loved it aswell, great work on this one :D

    it crossed my mind while playing, this game would be even cooler if there was some sort of a survival mode, something like you are given an area to defend and every few minutes or so the zombies are upgraded and you generate some BP for further reinforcement of your base

    maybe a scoreboard to submit times to aswell? :P

    This kind of feature would make AotPZ the pinacle of entertainment for me ;D

    just like to congratulate you again on this game, enormous re-play value!

  54. Blanc Says:

    Maybe even a multiplayer mode, LAN’able, co-op or versus? o:

    Also could do waves or something instead of time for my previous comment :P

  55. Alex Vostrov Says:

    I’m glad that you like the game, Blanc. The survival mode would be a ton of work – mainly because it’s so easy to simply defend an area right now.

    I really like the co-op idea. If I ever make a Zombies 2, it’s something that I’ll be thinking about.

  56. Adam Says:

    Great game!

    I wonder how quickly an expert can beat the levels. I think it took me over an hour to complete the 2nd level. You would think when you have 80% of the capture points, it would be easy to claim the last couple.. but it is always a challenge [for me] ’till the very end.

  57. Alex Vostrov Says:


    Keep in mind that the order in which the Zombies get the upgrades changes the difficulty.

  58. Horza Says:

    My god, what a great game!

    Ever thought about integrating its scoring in a social platform like facebook? I’d like to duke it out with my mates, we already have some sorts of “who’s going to be the first to beat mission 4″ contest – but if you add time/points and/or achievements and make it fb linkable, I think it will be a blast.

    Also some sort of replay function would be amazing!

    I’m sorry- I’m just overly enthusiastic about this great great game of yours! Congrats!

  59. Alex Vostrov Says:

    Hi Horza,

    Glad that you like the game and thanks for the suggestions.

    I like the facebook integration and replay, but it would be too hard for me to back and add them, both technically and psychologically. I’m all excited about new projects now, so it’s difficult to go back and revise.

    I’ll be sure to remember the ideas for the next game though.

  60. Bill Says:

    I have really enjoyed this game. I have a couple of suggestions:
    1) a score board of some sort that saves what levels you completed and how long it took you do them.
    2) since some levels can take an hour plus to complete, it would nice if you could save your progress in a particular level so that you could exit the game and the next day return where you left off.

    Those were a couple things that came to mind as I played the game. (maybe similar to what Horza said). It is a nice game to take your mind off whatever your doing.

  61. Alex Vostrov Says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Bill. :)

  62. Bill Says:

    Your welcome.

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  64. phil the zombie movies guy Says:

    Love the whole look and controls, but I’m failing at the beginner level already. It’s so hard!

  65. Alex Vostrov Says:

    Hey phil. Yes, the game is quite hard – something I’m working on fixing in Infested Planet. If you email me, I’ll give you a couple of tips.

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  67. alen Says:

    Plants vs zombies

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