Crab Soccer

February 22nd, 2015

For the past year I’ve been doing research and prototyping for the next game.  In the next few months I’ll decide that that is, exactly.

Meanwhile, here’s a game that I did with Sarah Roland during Global Game Jam 2015.  It’s probably the most fun game I’ve ever made at a game jam.


You’ll need 2 XBox controllers (or something similar) to play it.  Find a friend and see if you can score the ball into their side of the screen.  You’ll probably be very awkward at the start, but don’t worry – that’s part of the game.

Download it HERE


Infested Planet Patch 1.02.1 is Out

May 22nd, 2014

Steam got version 1.02 a while ago, but I’ve been working on the DRM-free game to give it some love.  Version 1.02.1 now has offline weekly challenges!  Steam Leaderboards aren’t there, but you can still play the challenges and try to beat your own top score.

One of the most requested features for Infested Planet has been Horde Mode.  There are 2 new random missions in the campaign and a new horde daily challenge leaderboard.

Major Changes

  • Offline Weekly Challenges
  • Added horde mode to weekly challenges and campaign
  • Added limit to how long officer inspiraton can last
  • Added campaign buff for starter medical crate
  • Added stop command to keybindings

Minor Changes

  • Made leaderboard scores update only at end of match (to solve Steam losing top scores)
  • Removed prefix periods from game esc menu
  • Fixed missing officer buff icon and added medipod buff icon
  • Added log messages to asset loading and fonts
  • Fixed possible triangulation bug for the map (caused black maps)
  • Fixed typos in campaign

March 6th – Infested Planet to be Released on Steam

January 29th, 2014

Three and a half years ago I quit my job to make games full-time.  I never dreamed that it would take this amount of work to finish a game that I was proud of.  Good thing that I’m stubborn.


It’s been a wild ride to get here, but the finish line is finally in sight.  The game is almost ready and it will finally come out on Steam on March 6th.

Infested Planet Update 15 is Out

January 28th, 2014

This update adds a large feature to the game – procedural Weekly Challenges! I hope that you’ll join me and other players in attacking the maps each week and seeing how well you compare to everyone else.  Challenges only work in the Steam version of the game – I had to use their Leaderboard code to make this possible.  If you don’t have a Steam code yet, email me your Order ID and I’ll help you out.

This update is the final large patch before the game releases. Future patches will be mostly fixes and polish.

Major Changes

  • Weekly Challenge mode (Steam only)
  • Improved random map generation
  • Steam Cloud saves

Minor Changes

  • Added a more flashy effect to officer inspiration
  • Tweaked Engineering tech to use ammo continuously
  • Added Engineering tech out of ammo warnings
  • Increased health of medical pods
  • Made mortar more responsive to manual targeting
  • Changed Robotics tech armour bonus to a shield


Infested Planet Patch 0.83 is Out!

January 14th, 2014

I went slightly insane in the last month and revamped several of the units, buildings and technologies in the game.  The thrust of a lot of improvements is to un-complicate the units and the make some of the more obscure tech more attractive.

Campaign Changes

  • Reworked the “Preparations” mission
  • Slightly increased the difficulty of “The Return”
  • Reworked the “Anabasis” mission
  • Updated weapons tutorial to match new UI

Major Changes

  • Replaced robot pod with medical pod
  • Replaced medic class with officer
  • Changed medic hunters mutation to assassins
  • Revamped teleporters to act as reinforcement sources
  • Revamped mortar to fire rockets at 1 ammo cost
  • Revamped grenades tech
  • Removed dispersal tech and added robotics tech
  • Tweaked costs for regeneration and chopper tech
  • Folded dispersion tech station into regeneration tech station (now called Life Support)
  • Reworked engineering tech
  • Updated heli-drop tech to give inspiration instead of shield
  • Removed minigunner restriction on grenades and rockets
  • Dropped the price of marines to 4
  • Dropped minimum scout beam cost to 1 ammo
  • Decreased guardian health and slightly increased the damage
  • Reduced enraged alien damage
  • Increased minefield effectiveness vs enraged
  • Added infested medical pod to random maps and custom mode
  • Added ability to repeat some shortcut commands by holding down the key

Minor Changes

  • Made marine weapon show for dead marines
  • Added manual mortar targeting
  • Added “TEAM” button to select all marines
  • Added UI hint arrow when chopper strike is built
  • Fixed turrets firing at targets that are too close
  • Fixed turret targeting invalid targets
  • Tweaked hive immune message
  • Assigning marines to tow stuff now prefers marines without crates
  • Added DETACHED message floaters to towable crates
  • Improved marine AI when shooting at immune targets

Misc and Technical

  • Fixed marine targeting dead entities
  • Updated campaign mission layout
  • Changed loading screen background
  • Restored update timer to 2 weeks
  • Fixed siege gun text
  • Fixed resolution issues on windows with DPI modes enabled
  • Added more log messages to resolution switching
  • Fixed small lua bug in Memento Mori
  • Updated SDL2 version
  • Added a texture flag that stops caching in memory (for really large textures)

Infested Planet Patch 0.81 is Out!

December 1st, 2013

Infested Planet is officially code complete! Everything that I wanted to have in the game when the beta started is here. Even better, there’s a few months left where I can focus on adding extras and polish.


You can now show off your Infested Planet skill to your friends with Steam achievements! For those of you who beat Terminus mode, you now have proof that you did. There are also achievements for beating campaign missions, extra mission goals and beating some mutations.

When you log into a profile and go to the campaign screen, you should get achievements retroactively for completed missions.


New Campaign Screen

Several months ago, one of the artists who did the Dawn of War II planetscapes made a new campaign background for Infested Planet. In this patch, I finally had the time to put it into the game.

The campaign screen has been revamped to be more intuitive and attractive. You can see all of your campaign missions at a glance, their progression and status. As an added bonus, the planet background changes as you play through the campaign.

Small Changes

  • Added terminus difficulty raid mode
  • Tweaked campaign structure (may break saves!)
  • Finished hatchery level skin and applied it to campaign levels
  • Added commas to raid mode messages
  • Added compatibility mode to graphics (for Intel cards)
  • Made spore mines not capture points
  • Added check for insufficient desktop bit depth on init
  • Added pause if Steam overlay is on
  • Added fast capture for last point in “Memento Mori” mission


  • Fixed grammar mistake in endgame slideshow
  • Fixed typo in monochrome shader


Infested Planet Update 11 is Out

November 19th, 2013

This update has two big features and a couple small bugfixes. Here they are:


You’ve been asking for a way to change the keys, or perhaps to view what all of them are. Well, I’ve been listening and now the options screen has a new, spiffy keybinding menu. You can change the key setup for your profile and decide what the keyboard shortcuts are.


Hatchery Level Graphics

Infested planet already has caves and jungle map skins, but I wanted to have at least 3 in the final game. The third level skin is “Hatchery” and it will be used for the final levels in the game.

The hatchery graphics are not 100% complete – I’m going to be prettying them up in the next patch. Meanwhile, I thought that I should give you a peek. Those of you who have reached the last 2 levels will find that they look different now.


  • Fixed infested and AI marine shaders (on some video cards)
  • Updated credits
  • Fixed structures remaining in limbo is their builder is despawned
  • Fixed green hive blood spray in the last mission


Infested Planet Update 10 is Out!

November 4th, 2013

This patch marks a milestone, of a sorts. The campaign is finally complete! I will probably be tweaking missions all the way up to release, but nothing too drastic. I hope that all of you check out the final mission and let me know what you think of it.


Since I finished the bulk of the level design, I had time to do some fixes and improvements on the game. Small things that you’ve been asking for and were bugging me – this patch has a bunch of them

Here are the changes for version 0.79:


  • Added final campaign mission
  • Added endgame slideshow epilogue
  • Changed Virulence mutation to send clone strike teams; renamed to “Hunters”
  • Mutation icons are now different for each mutation
  • Took out shield bullet reflection and ai hesitation to shoot at shields
  • Added Terminus mode to custom skirmish
  • Added malicious mutations mode to custom skirmish settings


  • Necrophage mutation now only works on player marines
  • Gave fusion shotguns a knockback
  • Reworked the way knockback works slightly
  • Made special attacks be cancelled if the mutation is disabled
  • Made marines in protect mode counter-attack when hurt
  • Made it harder to kill bunkers in mission 8 with scouts
  • Added script short-circuiting to weapons tutorial
  • Added another way to recycle (through weapon menu) to weapons tutorial
  • Combat tutorial now has a “how to spawn marines” section
  • Made the marine tab ui expandable
  • Added item cost to its title on build menu
  • Added exit button to main menu
  • Added auto-login for last used profile
  • Added fire puffs to burning human buildings
  • Restored damage effects to prop structures
  • Added blood puff impact to bullets
  • Added blood puff velocity to create better aoe death animation
  • Added swirling to most fire puffs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “getting stuck in walls” issue
  • Fixed recycle script bug in structures tutorial
  • Fixed human path aborting if bumped into something (was breaking clone strike)
  • Fixed some high resolution fullscreen ui issues
  • Reworked entity shaders to use latest OpenGL standards
  • Fixed issues if window size is different than the game asked for
  • Made the directional formation move less sensitive


  • Revised hive boss god mode
  • Added ability to load extra lua scripts; now used for hunters mutation
  • Updated ui text for virulence mutation to new hunters text
  • Updated ui text for minigun and reinforcements tech
  • Made weapon crate give more detailed info notice
  • Changed title of shotgun class from “FUSION” to “SHOTGUN”
  • Added “marine cost” note to that ui element
  • Made mouse grab sensitive to window focus
  • Added 4 more mutation spaces to the UI
  • Made text fields in main and profile menus clear when first key is pressed
  • Added username back to main menu and made the game title slide in
  • Disabled profiler in release mode

Infested Planet Update 9 is Out!

October 22nd, 2013

The second October update is larger than the previous one. I’ve been able to sneak in some improvements from the last mission of the campaign into the random game modes.

New Mission – Periapsis

The campaign is almost complete and here is the next-to-last mission in it. In this one, you get to face off against someone you’ve seen before.

For this mission, I was inspired to ask what a MOBA would look like in Infested Planet. Both you and the aliens have 3 bunkers that are pumping out squads of marines and you have to tip the balance in your favour.

The result is a mission that feels quite different from the other ones. You’re not as worried about protecting territory, because the marines can do a decent job of it themselves.


New Random Difficulty – Terminus

Some of you have asked for modes more difficult than The Abyss. I think that’s rather insane, but who am I to argue?

I’ve been working on some AI for the final mission of the campaign. Normally the mutations are picked randomly. Well, I wrote something to have the aliens look at your build and pick the most evil mutations that exist for that build.

It’s horrible, scary and unfair. When I plugged this mode into Abyss mode, I was able to complete half the map before the aliens stomped me. Yup, it’s hard.

For those of you who think Abyss is a walk in the park, try the new Terminus difficulty. It’s available after finishing Abyss or in the skirmish mode browser.

Minigunner Buff

Most of the time I hear you talk about minigunners, you say that they’re underpowered. I had a bit of think and I think that they could use a buff.

The first buff is that their shield allows them to survive even longer now – up to 75 seconds from 40.

The other change is that I changed the “BLAST” damage type to go through shields. This includes minigun bullets, the second part of the helicoper salvo and rockets.

This means that all of the things above can punch through the reflective shields. No more minigunners and clone minigunners standing there for half a minute shooting each other. This also means that you can nuke the clone minigunners with rockets if you have to.

Other Changes

  • Lowered alien mine radius
  • Added temporary shield to marines heli-dropped by “Reinforcements” tech
  • Expanded mutation UI to handle more mutations
  • Fixed objective typo in convoy mission
  • Changed ammo belts not to be dropped or picked up by AI marines
  • Made blast damage (rockets, minigun and helistrike) pierce shields
  • Upped the resilience of minigun shields
  • Fixed some human navigation bugs
  • Reworked scripted marine god mode to be more reliable
  • Blocked all tech effects for AI marines
  • Changed marine assault mode behaviour (optimization)
  • Changed prop building damage resistance (since it can be a target now)
  • Fixed audio issue with lots of barriers being killed

Infested Planet Update 8 is Out!

October 8th, 2013

A new mission is out for Infested Planet in the first October update.

New Mission – Tension

Remember how I said the last mission was the most scripting I ever did for Infested Planet? Well, Tension blows that out of the water.

This mission involves you and the aliens fighting over a pile of crates (remember the convoy mission?). I spent a lot of time programming the alien strike teams so that they would know what to do with the crates. They have to react to unexpected events, like you stealing a crate that the aliens were aiming for. I also added a new AI mode to marines that allow them to escort crate carriers.

The result is a tug of war between you and the alien team. You have to stop them from stealing your crates and tow your crates back to the base at the same time. Try the new mission out and see how you like it.


Other Changes

Since we are getting close to the end of the campaign, I went through the mission rewards and added some of the later technologies to the campaign missions. Previously, the only way to get them was to play the random missions, but now you’ll unlock them if you finish the scripted missions as well.